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Any of our products are a perfect fit in an office setting. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer custom made products in a wide array of colors, shapes, configurations and styles. The products pictured here are just a few examples of how a common messaging surface can be turned into an attractive addition to any style of office setting! We want to be your #1 source for custom made office products!



A brand new tackboard series taking the classic VMI tackboard and dressing it up with 4 distinct fabrics and patterns.

Fabric mounted on 3/8" fiberboard and framed in 1 1/2" wide lacquered oak frame. Hangers pre installed on back.

Low order minimums, individually boxed and drop shipped

Standard Sizes: 18" x 24", 24" x 36" and 36" x 48" (Custom sizes and configurations also available)

COLORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Water, Fire, Air and Earth



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